• Renault Fuego

    Renault Fuego TL 1982

    Purchased June 12, 1995. Sold August 4, 1995. L4 petrol engine (Cléon Fonte). Displacement 1397 cc with single barrel carburator. Valve train 8 valve. Max power 64 bhp @ 5500 rpm. Max torque 105 Nm @ 3000 rpm Four speed manual transmission. Front wheel drive. Weight 934 kg. This car didn’t have standard equipment worth mentioning. The list in the brochure lists things like warning lights, seat belts ( only in front), a lighter, a heated rear window and things like that.

  • Renault 25

    Renault 25 GTX 1984

    Purchased November 30th, 1992. Odometer reading 212.000 km. Sold June 5th, 1993. Odometer reading 232.000 km. L4 petrol engine (Renault Douvrin J7T-707). Displacement 2165 cc with fuel injection. Valve train SOHC 8 valve. Max power 123 bhp @ 5250 rpm. Max torque 190 Nm @ 2750 rpm. Three speed automatic transmission. Front wheel drive. Weight 1185 kg. Being a GTX version, it came with a lot of goodies as standard equipment. Adjustable steering wheel. Body colored rear spoiler. Board computer with two displays and verbal warning system. Laminated wind shield. Luxurious fabric on the seats. Power front windows. Power door locks with remote control. Power steering. Rear defroster. Rear wiper.…