• BMW R1200 RS

    BMW R1200 RS 2015

    Purchased April 21st, 2017. Odometer reading 4992 km. Current odometer reading 51000 km. Boxer twin petrol engine. Displacement 1170 cc with multi point fuel injection. Valve train 8 valve. Max power 123 bhp @ 7750 rpm. Max torque 125 Nm @ 6500 rpm. Six speed sequential gearbox. Rear wheel drive. Weight 241 kg. Standard equipment is Automatic Stability Control. Adjustable brake and clutch handle. Analog speedometer. Monochrome display with rev counter and board computer. Toolset. Optional extra’s are ABS Pro. Corbin heated saddle. Cruise control. Daytime running light. Dynamic ESA (Adjustable shocks) Dynamic traction control. Heated grips. Keyless start. LED indicators. Pure tank cover. Riding modes pro. Satellite navigation. Tire…

  • Daimler Six

    Daimler Six 1996

    Purchased September 29th, 2015 Odometer reading 211748 km Current odometer reading 288.000 km Straight six petrol engine ( Jaguar AJ16). Displacement 3980 cc with multipoint injection. Valve train DOHC 24 valve. Max power 248 bhp @ 4750 rpm. Max torque 392 Nm @ 3650 rpm. Four speed automatic transmission. Rear wheel drive. Weight 1728 kg. Like any Daimler, she is packed with luxury. Automatic dimming rearview mirror. Automatic gearbox. Climate control. Cupholders. Four way power steering wheel. Disc brakes with Anti lock Brake System. Dual airbags. Full leather trim. Heated front seats. Heated power mirrors. Heated windshield. Memory drivers seat, steering wheel and mirrors. Power locks with remote entry. Power…

  • Toyota Supra

    Toyota Supra 3.0i Turbo

    Purchased January 28, 2009. Odometer reading 241.000 km. Current odometer reading 281.650 km. Straight six petrol engine (7M-GTE). Displacement 2954 cc with multiport fuel injection and turbo charging. Valve train 24 valve. Max power 232 bhp @ 5600 rpm. Max torque 344 Nm @ 4000 rpm. Five speed manual transmission. Rear wheel drive. Weight 1611 kg. The Supra has a lot of feature as standard equipment Cruise control. Cup holders. Diskbrakes with Anti lock Brake System. Headlamp washers. Power steering. Power locks. Power widows. Power lumbar support. Radio cassette player. Targa roof panel. Three options were ordered Airconditioning. Leather seats. Limited sper differential.

  • Daimler V8

    Daimler V8 1998

    Purchased Februari 19th, 2020. Odometer reading 285864 km. Sold April 9th, 2020. Current odometer reading 285971 km. V8 petrol engine ( Jaguar AJ-26). Displacement 3996 cc with multipoint injection. Valve train DOHC 32 valve. Max power 290 bhp @ 6100 rpm. Max torque 393 Nm @ 4250. Five speed automatic transmission. Rear wheel drive. Like my other Daimler, she is packed with luxury. Audio and cruise control on steering wheel. Automatic dimming rearview and side mirrors. Automatic gearbox. Automatic headlight control. Climate control. Cupholders. Disc brakes with Anti lock Brake System. Dual airbags with side airbags. Four way power steering wheel. Heated front seats. Heated power controlled and fold mirrors.…

  • Volvo 480

    Volvo 480S 1992

    Purchased December 2nd, 2019. Odometer reading 213.345. Sold April 14th, 2020. Current odometer reading 214.985. L4 petrol engine (Volvo B20F). Displacement 1998 cc with multipoint injection. Valve train SOHC 8 valve. Max power 109 bhp @ 5200 rpm. Max torque 165 Nm. Four speed automatic transmission with overdrive. Front wheel drive. Volvo 480’s are always very well equipped. Burglar protection system. Front fog lamps. Heated front seats. Heated power mirrors. Pop-up head lights. Power locks. Power windows. Power steering. Separate rear seats. Also, a few optional extra’s were installed Automatic transmission. Cruise control. Leather seats. Oil pressure gauche. Power moonroof (aftermarket). Volt gauche.

  • BMW R1200 RS

    My almost new motorbike

    Today I picked up my BMW R1200RS at the BMW dealership in The HagueIt is Lupinblau metallic with white and has most of the available options. Of course, she has all the electronic guardian angels. Besides that, she has the keyless ride, four ride modi, extended on-board computer, quick shifter and some small stuff like daytime running light. The keyless ride is very convenient. You just put the key in your jack and you don’t have to think about it anymore. Unless you go to the gym with your bike. When you put your stuff in a locker, you take the key out and put it in your training trousers.…

  • Daimler Six

    Rebuilding the drivetrain.

    With the Supra back on the road, it was time for some maintenance on the Daimler. It had been 16.000 km’s since she had been looked after. So, I made an appointment with Jaguar Rotterdam. But before that, I asked a Jaguar specialist in Gorinchem to replace the shock and springs. About two weeks before I brought her to Gorinchem, I started hearing some noise, that sounded like a worn drive shaft. I also wanted to replace the taillights with original ones. Some previous owner has replaced the original one for X308 taillights. So there was some work to do. What should have been a 20 hour job, turned out to…

  • Daimler Six

    The first 10000 kilometers.

    The Daimler has past the 10000 km marker and there is not that much to tell. I am still using her as a daily driver for a project in Belgium and besides some minor details, she is running great. To start with a big change, I have replaced the 17” X-308 Celtic allows with 16” 20-spokes allows. Personally, I think she looks much better. On the 20-spokes were Michelin tyres fitted and I have not replaced those yet. I think, that I will replace the tyres with Michelin Cross Climate tyres, but for now the tyres that are fitted will do. The old Celtic allows are for sale, but no…

  • Daimler Six

    @ the dealership

    I am writing this post at the coffee table of the RAC, Jaguar dealership in Rotterdam. I am waiting for the mechanic to replace the rubber seal of the sunroof. But let’s go back to the first days of my Jaguar ownership. Last week I responded to an add on the interweb. I made an appointment with the seller on a Friday evening, after work. He lived near Middelburg, which is in the south west corner of the county. The Daimler was parked outside and after a handshake we drove off. The only thing I know about cars, is what I feel when I drive it, so for me it…

  • BMW K1100 RS

    BMW K1100RS 1995

    Purchased April 14, 2012. Odometer reading 63549 km. Sold April 21, 2017. Odometer reading 138425 km. L4 petrol engine. Displacement 1092 cc with Bosch L-Jetronic fuel injection. Valve train 16 valve. Max power 100 bhp @ 7500 rpm. Max torque 107 Nm @ 5500 rpm. Five speed sequential manual gearbox. Weight 268 kg Standard equipment included Brake and taillight check system Gasoline gauche Hazard lights Temperature gauche Optional equipment on this bike was Anti-lock Brake System Chrome front fork Heated grips Two-tone paint

  • Toyota Supra

    The Asian Sportscar

    In January of 2009, I bought a Toyota Supra to replace my Lincoln. She was for sale at a specialist of exclusive cars. I always liked this model Supra, but it was never a dream car to me. But the salesman gave a nice price for my Lincoln, so I bought a third generation original Dutch Supra. She was fully original, but in desperate need of some TLC. First I had the brake discs replaced with Brembo’s, the tires were replaced with Bridgestone S-02’s and the shock’s were replaced with yellow Koni’s. The dent in the front fender was repaired and I bought a English passenger seat on Ebay. The seat…