Mercedes 280 SE

  • Mercedes 280 SE

    Mercedes 280SE 1980

    Purchased April 14th, 2007 Odometer reading 162.000 km Sold August 23rd, 2008 Odometer reading 164.000 km Straight six petrol engine (M110.987). Displacement 2746 cc with K-jetronic injection. Valve train DOHC 12 valve. Max power 185 bhp @ 5800 rpm. Max torque 240 Nm @ 4500 rpm. Four speed manual transmission. Rear wheel drive. Weight 1519 kg. Disc brakes on four wheels. Power steering. Wooden trim. Well, it is a eighties Mercedes, so almost everything was optional. Airconditioning (aftermarket and not working) Power front windows. Power locks Power sunroof. Tachometer.