Matra Rancho

  • Matra Rancho

    Matra Rancho 1982

    Usually I have time to make at least a few pictures of a car. With the Rancho I didn’t. I purchased it on Tuesday and it was towed away on Thursday night. So the only thing that remains is the brochure. Purchased May 11th, 1999. Odometer reading unknown. Sold May 14th, 1999. Current odometer reading unknown += 150 km. L4 petrol engine (Simca T315 6Y2). Displacement 1442 cc with a carburetor Valve train SOHC 8 valve Max power 80 bhp @ 5600 rpm Max torque 117 NM @ 3000 rpm Four speed manual transmission Front wheel drive This car didn’t have standard equipment worth mentioning. The list in the brochure…