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    My first Car

    My first car was a 1977 Honda CiviC. One Saturday morning, my brother called me, that his neighbours car came up for sale. It was a 15 year old Honda Civic with three month apk. The same day I went to Amsterdam to have a look at it and made a test drive. It drove well, there was a lot of rust on one fender and that was it. Of course, there is not much to tell about a Honda Civic, but I liked the indicators on the front bumper, the fake wood on the dash and the louvres on the hood. The latter being very functional. The car needed…

  • Honda Civic

    Honda Civic 1977

    Purchased March 3rd, 1992. Sold April 29, 1992. L4 petrol engine (Honda EB2). Displacement 1170cc with a single barrel carburator. Valve train SOHC 8 valve. Max power 54 bhp @ 5500 rpm. Max torque 79 Nm @ 3000 rpm. Four speed manual transmission. Front wheel drive. Weight 680 kg. Standard equipment was in the 70’s sort of basic Front disc brakes. Heater with a two speed fan. Radial tyres. Reclining front seats. Seat belts for the front seats. One option was installed. AM-FM mono radio with one speaker.